Hello, I'm Alex

I am a Digital Designer, based in Johannesburg

I'm Alex B. van Wyk

I'm a Digital Designer based in Johannesburg

I follow the human-centered design theory inspired by the IDEO organization. I believe that the heart of every project I undertake is the people I am designing for.

As a creative creature I am skilled in various design applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. I use Adobe XD and MarvelApp for prototyping websites and mobile apps before developement. which are currently built using Bootstrap 4 and Wordpress.

I design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, UI/UX services and ecommerece websites.

My passion is to design digital user experiences through human centered design and meaningful interactions.
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My Services

With a deep understanding of brands, new media channels and emerging tech, I help brands and innovators harness web technologies to open up new sources of value


Marketing your product needs to start from the moment of conception not launch. Having built, scaled and executed on my clients products, I am experienced in developing the strategies, content and campaigns that will help your business reach its full value potential.

Web Development

My web development services are specifically catered to companies that are in need of a new website or a major revamp. From systems that help in SEO, personalization of the website, to the protection of your website, I've got you covered.

Web Design

Your web design not only affects your rankings but also its overall appeal to your visitors. If you have a high rank, but your website’s aesthetics is below-average, then your conversion rate will also suffer. My services make sure that your website’s design is trendy, appealing, and is up to your standards.

Security and Support

Since the internet is open to all, your website is susceptible to threats, and we’re the ones that protect it. With our active framework support, whatever website error that might occur, I'll immediately fix it.


I take time to understand your pain points, identify opportunities and workshop solutions. Whether you need product prototypes or marcoms ideas, I work with you to define and optimise your digital strategy for today’s challenges.


With the idea in place I will help you to realise the vision. From design to development, MVP to full campaign execution, I work with clients to build powerful, considered, solutions that cut through.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Sophistication has come to mean a few things, but its original definition was "to denature, or simplify". Today it is common as a measure of refinement—displaying good taste, wisdom and subtlety. I follow this thought process when developing products for my clients. Oh I run a small Design Agency as well called -
A Creative Innovation

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Bootstrap 4
Ionic 4

Some of my work

Targeted, insight-led innovation means a lasting connection with your audience.

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  • Bin.io - Waste Management App
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  • Insta - Photography App
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  • Pentra - Write the unwritten
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  • What does design mean to you? #composition
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What People Say About me?

Client collaboration is important to me. It is the partnership we forge that results in exceptional work. I work with a variety of clients across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

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Card-based UI has taking over!

Let’s take a look at how card-based UI will dominate the web and mobile interfaces in the near future.

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Web Design, Business and Success in the World of the Internet.

The statement, 'every business needs a website' may have seemed too unrealistic or even unnecessary a few decades ago, but that is not the case not anymore.

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Brands are people too

Great ideas for brands come from the most unlikely places. In 1989 Pepsi took its name from the word dyspepsia, meaning indigestion.

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